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Hello gentleman, I am the courtesan to provide that, for you be probing till. I am Tanvi  Rai , the peak Escort in Delhi for you. Normally it’s prohibited to inquire a girl’s age but I can offer you an idea that I have finished my teen age last year, 171cms long with complete seductive shape dimension 34C-26-34.

I am very attractive and good looking by features, soft and smooth spotless skin, long nice twisted legs, black hair, dark pleasing eyes and full cherry lips followed by seductive bust line and inferior curves. Beside all this I am well sophisticated from a supposed university of the town. I am very much thoughtful and skilled in my job of an Independent Escorts in Delhi. You just require having enjoyment once amid me and I promise you that you will be addicted for me.

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I am very attractive, smiling and friendly girl who always love to merriment and make my buddy pleasing with my lovable actions I am very glamorous and graceful by my personality. I love to wear stylish outfit which fits to my qualities. I am very fond of wearing short and hot dresses, which can arouse men in second. Miniskirt with no inner wears and short tops are my favorite as I am very nasty and teasing nature and always eager to provide my all whenever and where ever you yearning for it.

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I have a nice assortment of hot dresses and lingerie to bundle me as a ideal gift for you. As well I am much smart about in dressing at any social event or any open place. I have a lot of social dresses too for such events or necessities. I can attire as per your necessity. You can feel me in your preferred packet before opening. The chunky Independent Delhi Escorts similar to me, you can never discover with any Delhi Escorts Services.

I am absolutely the wonderful girl a man wish to encompass. I can make you pleased with me bubbly environment and can take you to the moon with my huge intercourse strokes. My physical and seductive touches can twist you on instantly again and yet again for whole the night. Perhaps you are not attentive that it is not simple task to find out a young woman like me in this city mainly with very reasonable price. Some of my clients consider me a extremely cheap escort in Delhi comparing to my high division Escort Service in Delhi


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